Heather Hughson

Heather Hughson is a contemporary artist whose passion for the scenery around her is vividly seen in her photographs and paintings. She often travels around North Vancouver Island capturing scenes on camera to later work on in her studio. “Of course,” Heather says, “inspiration is all around us…especially in the garden and the woods next door.” Heather has painted all her life, but it wasn’t till she come to Campbell River that painting became a passion for her.

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Eiko Jones

I am overwhelmed at times about how beautiful the world I am surrounded by is. I am passionate about sharing this Pacific Northwest beauty with everyone! Through artistic and dramatic imagery, I endeavor to offer people a glance of that world, whether they live in a big city condo or have no ability to experience the world below or the out in nature. My work is all about drawing attention to the entire environment and watersheds, from the mountaintops all the way down and into our vast but fragile oceans.

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Dan Telosky

Dan Telosky grew up along the shores of Discovery Passage on Vancouver Island, with a clear view of British Columbia’s marine environment. His interest in, and affinity for, B.C.’s working boats has grown over the years, and what began as artistic dabbling has advanced to his all consuming passion. Starting from Campbell River, his home port, Dan spends countless hours on the water in his own slow moving trawler “Ocean Symphony”. It is impossible not to be inspired while being immersed in a marine environment like this.

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