Until August 12th, 2015:


Goat Cheese Salad

Lightly panko breaded pan fried Goat cheese salad with Fresh mixed greens,
Grape tomatoes, Cucumber, Fennel, Cranberries, BC Raspberries &
Honey Roasted Pecans with Harbour Raspberry Vinaigrette


Quadra Island Mussels

Quadra Island Mussels steamed in White wine, Shallots & Julienne Vegetables



Wild Salmon

Baked Canadian Maple Syrup Glazed Fresh local Wild Salmon &
Applewood smoked Canadian Bacon wrapped Pacific Scallops
accompanied by Wild Rice & Seasonal Vegetables


Dungeness Crab

Steamed local Dungeness Crab accompanied by
Garlic Butter, Wild Rice & Seasonal Vegetables


Steak & Jumbo Langoustine

8 oz. AAA New York Striploin & 3 jumbo Langoustine Prawns
accompanied by Garlic Butter, Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables